Multi Channel Selling

There are certain problems that arise when your business is present in multiple sales channels – here are 3 common problems of multi channel selling and tips on how to solve them!

The ecommerce industry was once dominated by marketplaces and web stores only. Today, the concept of multi channel selling is quite popular. It is really uncommon to see your favorite brand selling on their own website or selling on popular marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

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In other words, the point of selling online today is to cast a bigger net so you can catch more fish. That is the essence and the whole point of multichannel selling.

An independent and well-structured website can educate new potential buyers, build trust and operate as the key storefront for the brand’s online sales.

Marketplaces such as Etsy, Amazon, and others have an incredible amount of traffic that can help you increase your brand’s awareness and bring you more potential customers.

In this article, we will discuss the potential problems that arise when your brand is present in multiple sales channels and we will offer you some great tips on how to avoid these problems:

  • Multichannel mishaps – With all the solutions on the market – online marketplaces, the increased amount of sales channels, SaaS products, and all kinds of online tools is sharpening the appetite of ecommerce sellers of all sizes and shapes. With so many solutions – come even more problems. A new tool or a new platform is something that a seller must become familiar with. You need to learn how a new marketplace works, its rules, and regulations, and much more.
  • Multichannel inventory management – The trust is established between a buyer and a brand when they see the same product in multiple channels. However, the headaches can easily arise and trust can be easily damaged when there are inconsistencies. Little things such as underselling or overselling can hurt your brand’s reputation. Luckily, the multichannel merchants have a huge selection of systems that can update and maintain your inventory in real time.
  • Selective product listing – A brand that sells their entire inventory may be hesitant to put the entire inventory on a marketplace such as eBay or Amazon. By doing so, you will be placed alongside your competition. A brand that wants to sell a new product on their official website can educate the customer and carefully observe their behavior in details. You can validate or test a new product in a marketplace, but keep in mind that selling certain items to specific sales channels can be a huge advantage.
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You are now aware of the problems you may face while selling on multiple channels and how to solve them!