Social Media and Online Businesses

Moment by moment, technology is taking over our everyday lives like a storm. From the easiest jobs to the seemingly impossible ones, technology has been a huge blessing which has made our lives hassle free and super convenient to manage. Technology, a powerful innovation in this age, plus our best friend, the internet has allowed us to lead a life full of ease and luxury. By just one click away, the internet has made everything beyond our reach, easily accessible to everyone from any part of the world. From looking up for information or communication, everything has been sought out for us thanks to the internet.

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While talking about the internet we cannot ignore how powerful the impact of social media actually is in this day and age. Where once, people dreamt of growing their businesses and reaching potential customers beyond their reach, many people have taken an initiative to take advantage of the internet and social media frenzy that has encapsulated the world. The progress of technology and internet has made it possible for many people to setup their businesses online. While many businesses opt for websites, some others sign up on social media and start by promoting their business.

The impact of social media on businesses

Social media has not only been an opportunity for us to communicate, it has also opened many doors of opportunities to the corporate world. With its powerful influence, social media has been a catalyst in the process of giving online businesses a boost.

  • It provides these businesses a platform to attract and interact with more people.
  • Online marketing reaches more people and not a specific audience
  • Easy follow up on current trends and hype according to varying products and services
  • Improved communication with people by using social media tools for example, posting stories, uploading blogs, posting interactive posts.
  • Can be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to grow their network
  • Every single person uses social media every day. The chances of seeing the brand’s products increase greatly.
  • A great way to create brand awareness
  • Running ads increase traffic and visits.
  • The right type of marketing can increase online traffic and interaction by numbers.

Traditional businesses wait for people to come and visit their outlets. Social media lets the business take the first step and create brand awareness. Instead of reaching a specific target audience, businesses can reach people worldwide with the help of social media.

Ever since electronic media has taken over the world, people have stopped reading newspapers or ads, so it’s not a great marketing strategy to implement. Therefore the right online marketing campaigns increase the chances of creating more brand awareness and if done right, promoting the brand has a huge impact on the business in terms of sales and revenue.

Knowing what to use and where

When using social media for the marketing purpose it’s important to note the tactics while implementing them on different platforms. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, each have different tool and techniques that businesses can benefit from if used rightly. If not implemented smartly, these tactics won’t work and no growth will be seen. The question lies whether the brand can keep traffic coming in on all these 3 platforms? Can the brand grow their customer base on all 3 platforms?

Influencer campaigning

The first basic plus point of every platform is that they all have a variety of influencers. It is one of the most popular social media tactics. Influencer marketing is super easy and super beneficial. Brands approach famous influencers because they know that their name will reach a lot of loyal followers. Influencers have the power to positively highlight the brand name and this will grow the brands customer base.

Visuals are everything

Right after creating an online presence, when people do click on the brand’s page and they see some bad quality pictures and unorganized aesthetic, it will definitely make them doubt the brand’s credibility and quality. From the logo to the handles, everything should be in design with the brand because they in fact represent the business. Social media graphics, from the pictures to the alignment of those pictures, everything represents how professional the team is behind the brand.

Constantly create content, the three C’s!

Without proper content, no business can gain online traffic. Content is what keeps making customers visit the brand’s page over and over again. Whether its Instagram stories, Facebook videos, twitter hash tags and status updates, in the end people will interact. Although it might seem easy to just post pictures or update stories, but a business always plans these things beforehand. Creating content is hard but recreating it is much easier. It’s a smart way to save time and keep the interaction online. One thing to be noted is that, recreating content doesn’t mean duplicating it. This is where creativity should knock in!

The laws of attraction!

Now although brands sign up on Facebook and Instagram to promote themselves, most of them don’t know how. There are several tactics used in each platform to promote brands and increase awareness. For example, Facebook can be used to run ads. With different rates for different type of ads, their platform can be used to reach potential customers throughout the world. These ads run during videos or when watching stories and so they are impossible to miss.

Facebook check-ins is also a great way to boost customer interaction. Whenever a person checks-in or reviews the brand, their friends can see it and the chances of them visiting the brand’s page increases. If there is even one genuine review on the page, then it will definitely help the brand gain traffic.

Instagram stories and contests are a smart way to boost up the brand. We generally see people on Instagram tagging their friends under posts which are doing a giveaway or a ‘snap-tag-win’ kind of contest. And to win those kinds of competitions, these brands draw out rules which include people following them so that they have a chance of winning the competition. This is a smart way to make people look at the brand and gain online customers. It’s a great way to gain followers and interact with the current ones.

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